Ramudden presents its sustainability report for 2023

Our job is to get people home safely every day. Mindful of that vision, we offer full-service solutions for work zone safety in traffic environments. We are the world’s largest organisation within this business segment, so we also have a responsibility to drive important issues forward. We take this responsibility very seriously.

Published 2024-04-30: Ramudden presents its sustainability report for 2023
"As we grow, so does our responsibility for employees, road users, customers and the industry as a whole. We are a big player at the heart of societal development, and from this position we want to continue advancing our work on product development, digital innovations, and industry collaboration to achieve greater safety and sustainability" says Morten Finslo, CEO Ramudden Nordics & Baltics.

Some significant events in 2023 we want to highlight:

• Safety week for all countries - Our annual Safety Week, which takes place in connection with the international “World Day for Safety and Health at Work” initiative, is a good example of our efforts to raise work site safety awareness. 2023 was the first time all depots and offices throughout Ramudden Nordics & Baltics took part.
• 16% reduction in CO2e - In Sweden we have made significant reductions in our scope 1 carbon emissions, mainly because we continue to use fossil-free fuel in our vehicles. In 2023 we reduced CO₂e (carbon dioxide equivalents) per million kronor by around 16 percent compared to 2022.
• 4 000 connected devices - An important piece of the puzzle is our digital vision – to be the front-runner in the digitalisation of traffic intensive work sites – which has been reinvigorated this year thanks to the formation of the Ramudden Digital unit. Here too we see that we are increasingly successful at making the leap from concept to reality, with a total of over 4,000 connected devices distributed across our customers’ sites.
• Acquisition of seven companies – of which Worxsafe was one. A strategically important step that brings product development closer to home. Together, we can respond even faster to market needs with safe and innovative products.
More about this, as well as much else, can be read about in the 2023 sustainability report.
The report is available here and includes the operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Estonia.

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